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Wells L. Wescott

We're guessing that the "L" of Wells L. stands for Libbey because of his mother's maiden name. There is nothing printed that would indicate that, but it is an interesting possibility. He is our direct ancestor and Mary Ann Youngkrantz has shared some interesting documents including a deed for a 10 acre parcel of land purchased by Wells L. Wescott in 1859 for $150.00, a sworn statement by Wells H. Wescott regarding the estate of his father, Wells L., and his will. I have also included the
obituary of Amanda Hale Wescott and the obituary of Wells L. Wescott as they appeared in the Dakota County Tribune.

From The History of Dakota County "Wells L. Wescott was born in Maine in 1826. He learned the shoemaker's trade at the age of sixteen years and continued in it until 1855. Came to St. Paul at that time, thence to Eagan, Dakota county, and erected a hotel, which he run (sic) five years. He then purchased eighty acres in Lakeville (1860), where he has since lived. He is school director of district No. 42. Married in 1849 (in Gorham, Maine) to Miss Amanda Hale, who has borne him six children, five of whom are living."

Mary Ann Youngkrantz has also shared much "oral history" with us. Both James and Wells L. left for the California gold fields in the rush of 1849, the year their mother, Dorcas Libby Wescott, died. However, Wells L. got sick and went back to Maine and James continued on to California without him. Wells L. was in Maine in August, 1850, where his name appears on the census record with his wife Amanda their 6 month old child Laura E. (Ettie?), his sister Charlotte Wescott Hatch, and a Frank Wescott, age 9. We do not know who this Frank is, but the name Frank keeps reappearing in boys born in Minnesota. He and his brother, James, arrived in Minnesota in 1853. Wells L. returned to Maine to bring his wife, Amanda, and family to St. Paul. They traveled from Maine to Minnesota by ox cart and probably traveled through northern New York State along Lake Erie and Lake Ontario across northern Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and up the Mississippi to Dakota County. After trip of nearly two years, they arrived in 1855. The ox cart's seat that they had ridden on all that distance had been worn and shaped to fit their fannies.

The 10 acre parcel he purchased in 1859 is almost 4 miles from the farm site and we're not sure of when or even if it was sold or if it was the site of their first Minnesota home before they moved to Flagstaff Road. So the above account is accurate --- sort of.

Laura E. (Ettie) was born in Maine and possibly Dorcas Amanda (Cassie) and Deborah also. Where Clara was born is also uncertain, but Wells Hale(8) was born on the farm that was located near what is now 109th and Flagstaff, between Lakeville and Farmington. Another son, Frank was born in 1864. He only lived four months and is buried at the end of the lane into the farmhouse near Flagstaff Road. From The History of Dakota County

"In 1858 School District No. 42 was organized and the first school was taught in a shanty on the land of C. Smith, in the north-east quarter of section 23, by Miss A. Amidon, with an attendance of ten pupils. School was transferred soon after to the house of Mr. Hosmer, and still again to that of Mr. Alderman. About 1865 or '66 half an acre of land was given to the district by Wells Wescott, on condition that it should always be used for school purposes. A school-house was accordingly built on this land, which is situated in the north-east quarter of section 22. This is a frame building twenty-two by twenty-eight feet. The present teacher is Mrs. Craft, who has thirty-eight pupils in attendance."

We have included an
article on Public Schools taken from the History of Lakeville. The Memories Of The Old One Room School was written by Catherine Thomas (Mrs. Calvin). Her husband is the son Fred Thomas and Nena Cockbain and the grandson of Virgil Thomas and Clara Wescott. Teacher's at the District No 42 school also included Jane Cockbain before she became Mrs. Wells Hale Wescott, Mary Ann Cockbain before she married Wells Hale, and Ora Anderson who married Mary Ann and Wells' son Wells Jay. The picture with the school article shows a class taught by Ora Anderson Wescott, wife of Wells J. Wescott, and was probably taken around 1915 (not 1917 as stated in the caption).

We have included a copy of Wells L. Wescott's will.


I, Wells L. Wescott, of the Township of Lakeville, County of Dakota and State of Minnesota, being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament.

First-- I order and direct that my executor hereinafter named, pay all my just debts and funeral expenses as soon after my decease as conveniently may be. Second-- After the payment of such funeral expenses and debts, I give and bequeath unto my beloved son, Wells H. Wescott, all the property, real and per-sonal, and effects of every name and nature which I now have, may die possessed of, or may be entitled to, his heirs and assigns forever. Provided my said son, Wells H. Wescott, shall pay to my beloved daughter Dorcas Amanda Thomas the sum of Twelve hundred Dollars, ($1200.00) and to my beloved daughter Etta McCluskey the sum of Twelve hundred Dollars ($1200.00) and to my beloved daughter Clara E. Bemis the sum of Fifty Dollars ($50.00).

Third-- I do hereby make, constitute and appoint my son, Wells H. Wescott, sole executor of this, my last will and testament, and it is my wish, and I do hereby request, that he may not be compelled to give any bond or security as such executor, and I do hereby revoke all and every former will by me made.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal, the 31st. day of December in the year of our Lord 1907.

This instrument was, on the day of the date thereof, signed, published and declared by the said testator to be his last will and testament in our presence, who, at his request, have subscribed our names thereto as witnesses, in his presence and in the presence of each other.

The estate of Wells L. Wescott

The below listed information was transcribed from a hand written document about the estate of Wells L.

In re estate of Wells L. Wescott, died
Jan. 4, 1912

Wells H. Wescott, Sworn says:

I reside in Lakeville.
Wells L Wescott was my father.
He resided in Lakeville.
He died Nov. 17, 1911.
He left a will the same instrument
I presented here.
I got it from bank morning I
came here in Dec. I am sure it was in
bank from date it was written until I got it at bank.
Mother died 23 years before father did
Etta McCluskey
Mrs. Thomas
Clara Bemis 60
Wells H. Wescott

He left no P.P. (personal papers) only wearing apparel.
A day or two before he died he gave
me some money. $105. 00 in gold -- $5.00
and told me to take care of this money
in bill. Had no notes, mortgages except some
old ones outlawed. Brown, Clough and Lathrop
Real estate about 174 acres in this
County about 110 cultivated.
I know of no other lands
I have lived with him all my life
Probable value about $8500
rental value about $200 per year
I have no objections to will or Mrs.
McCluskey either.

Wells L. Wescott estate
Jan. 4, 1912
Thomas Davis
John Wright

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