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  Date: 12/29/2011, 1:51 pm, EST
  Name: Steve
  How did you find this site?: search
Message: Hey Bill, hello, from N.J.

steve ruzicka, son of marie A Westcott (ruzicka)

  Date: 9/12/2011, 1:51 pm, EST
  Name: Alan Jay Wescoat
  How did you find this site?: google
Message: Hi. I'm looking for as much information as possible regarding our family.
  Date: 9/3/2011, 4:11 pm, EST
  Name: Pat Corey
  Surnames being researched: Wescott
  How did you find this site?: on line.  keep checking it
Message: Hi Bill, I have a new e-mail address in case anyone responds to my request for information about Samuel Wescott Jr. (1776) and or his daughter Hannah (1805) You have a GREAT site. Will keep checking in. Pat Corey
  Date: 8/14/2011, 7:19 pm, EST
  Name: Tom Bridges
  Surnames being researched: Westcott
  How did you find this site?: google
Message: I am looking for another generation back from my gg-grandfather, Samuel Hubbard Westcott, who was born in 1806 in Connecticut. He took his family to southern Michigan where most of his children were born.
  Date: 5/23/2011, 7:49 am, EST
  Name: Joan Golding
  Surnames being researched: Anglim   Lynch  
Message: Daniel Anglim and Joanna Lynch are my greatgrandparents.
  Date: 5/2/2011, 10:41 am, EST
  Name: Keith Westcott
  Surnames being researched: Westcotts, Hodders
  How did you find this site?: searching
Message: hi im from south devon in the u.k and we share the coat of arms and i found youre page very intresting and i was wondering if you had any info about the westcotts moving to this part of 27 and am really intrested in looking at my family tree and seeing that we had any importance.
  Date: 4/27/2011, 5:27 am, EST
  Name: Westcott
  How did you find this site?: Googled Edward Barsham
Message: Looking for Edward Barsham, father in law of my 6 x great grandfather George Westcott. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that the second Barsham link was posted by another Westcott!
  Date: 4/16/2011, 6:32 pm, EST
  Name: Richard D. Wescott
  Surnames being researched: Wescott
  How did you find this site?: by searching on line
Message: My family lived in New Lebanon, PA and owned a general store. My father's name was Clifford Gillis Wescott. He was born in Geneva PA. He married Helen G. Collins who was born in Oil City PA. I retired from the USCoast Guard as a Commander and we Traveled mostly in the South Pacific. I have one brother,Tom, who lives in PA. and we currently live in Poulsbo,WA. I would appreciate any information from other Wescotts.
  Date: 2/4/2011, 9:48 pm, EST
  Name: Lisa Arritt-Jordan
  Surnames being researched: Birks Arritt
  How did you find this site?: Google
Message: I was surfing the names on Google and chance across my Nana Dorothy Elizabeth Birks Brenn Delligato. Her daughter was my mother Dorothy Elizabeth Birks Arritt her sons are Thomas Brenn and Theodore Brenn my half uncles. Uncle Tom has several children Uncle Ted had none. There is my brother Craig Robert and myself. Craig has 3 children. Patrick Scott and Janice
  Date: 1/27/2011, 12:17 am, EST
  Name: Mary Autumn Yernberg Speer
  Surnames being researched: Wescott
  How did you find this site?: Looking for Stuckley Wescott info
Message: Hello, my name is M. Autumn Y. Speer. I'm a 12th generation descend of Stuckley Wescott through my mother's father, Edwin Wescott of Olean, NY, both deceased. My mother's name is Mary Elizabeth Wescott Yernberg. My mother married my father, Henry Carl Y(J)ernberg and had 2 daughters, myself and my sister, Mary June Yernberg Cable. When my father's family came through Elise Island, "Jernberg" is pronounced like "Yernberg." So they wrote down "Y." instead of "J." There are some "J's" that got through intact with the correct name.

Anyways, my mother's sister's daughter, Ruth Ann, did quite extensive work on our family tree. However, she died. Luckily she gave me printouts of her work. If you have any questions about it, let me know.

Though I have had no children, I have 4 stepchildren, but my sister has had 2 daughters, Allison Anne Cable Lawson and Bonita Barbara Cable Mazzone. Allison has had 2 children, Desira Daina and Padaric Lawson. Bonnie has had 1 son, Dominic Jonathan Mazzone.

Back in the 1980's I was able to visit Providence RI, and went to the historical center. Lo and behold, there was my name on file as a descendent of Stuckley! Wow. That was an amazine find.

Also I have done some research and found that Stuckley's descendents include: Dr. Wescott--famous for the Cardiff Giant hoax and Benedict Arnold, supposed traitor.

I don't know if you are interested in my personal info, but thought I would give it to you. Thank you for keeping us informed of our forefathers.

M. Autumn Y. Speer

  Date: 1/21/2011, 1:07 pm, EST
  Name: Philip Derrah
  Surnames being researched: Derrah, Darrah, Darragh
  How did you find this site?: Browsing the Web
Message: Abbie Westcott Derrah, husband of Thomas Derrah was my great aunt. I remember her well as a sweet lady who was an excellent cook. She would fix me "cambrick?" tea that I loved. At one time they owned a restaurant in Boston & I think they were involved with a Derrah candy shop in Portland, ME with my great grandfather, William A. Derrah & his wife Ruth Obie Derrah.
  Date: 1/20/2011, 1:55 am, EST
  Name: Lynn Jeffrie Wescott Ochberg
  Surnames being researched: Wescott
  How did you find this site?: web browsing
Message: Hi Bill, My Great Grandfather, John Wesley Wescott, was a judge on the New Jersey Supreme Court and a great friend of Woodrow Wilson who asked Justice Wescott to nominate him for President both times he ran for that office. My sister, Jill, has the original letter in Woodrow Wilson's hand. Our dad was named after his grandfather John Wesley Wescott. He died in 2003 I too studied law and currently serve as an elected Trustee of Meridian Township, Michigan. You might be interested in a book I wrote, "Piney Princess", about growing up in the South Jersey Pine Barrens.