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  Date: 10/23/2010, 12:34 pm, EST
  Name: James Andrew Wescott
  Surnames being researched: Wescott
  How did you find this site?: websurfing
Message: Hello from Evansville, Indiana. I have long been interested in my family history and no little about my father's immediate kin. His name is Richard Dale Wescott and he's from the Penobscot area. He was in the Navy and has two sons, Richard Troy and myself. I would really like to know more about his immediate relations in Maine. Thank you for any information and thank you for your really cool site.
  Date: 9/28/2010, 12:01 am, EST
  Name: Cynthia Westcott Mooney
  Surnames being researched: Westcott
  How did you find this site?: by accident
Message: I am researching Sanford Westcott b.1818 ..He first shows up in Somerset, NY in 1840. Anyone related to him or have any information on this Westcott line, I'd be interested to hear.
  Date: 9/13/2010, 12:06 pm, EST
  Name: Paul Egeness
Message: Bill, love your site! It is just chock full of stuff I didn't know. Hope to be able to see you sometime. Take care of yourself. Just me. Paul
  Date: 8/8/2010, 1:08 am, EST
  Name: Brooks Eugene (Scott) Wescott Jr.
  Surnames being researched: Brooks and Wescott
  How did you find this site?: Linked back in after initial searches.
Message: New email address for me posted above. Mother Shirley Monette (Moling) Wescott passed away 8/5/2005. Nothing else has changed dramatically
  Date: 8/4/2010, 7:57 am, EST
  Name: Richard Westacott
Message: Hi!

An extremely interesting site. Thank you.

Richard Westacott Barnstaple, Devon 1966 - 1992 Pucklechurch, South Gloucestershire 1992 - Date

  Date: 8/3/2010, 11:47 pm, EST
  Name: Mary L. (Farrell) Branstetter
  Surnames being researched: Webb, Farrell, McPike, Self, Rhyne, Mountain,etc..
  How did you find this site?: Researching Webbs.
Message: My ancestors I've researched are Sam"l Webb, Eli, Edward, Solomon, Owen, & William Allen Webb. My mother was Esther Virginia Maud Webb, daughter of William. My youngest brother, John W. Farrell, wrote to you several times & wanted very much to take a trip to Maine & meet you. Unfortunately, he died before he had a chance to go. Your website is great.

Mary Lou

  Date: 8/3/2010, 12:04 am, EST
  Name: Elizabeth Antosh
  How did you find this site?: email from J hazeltime
Message: very interesting to find some of the westcott descendents. Elizabeth
  Date: 7/9/2010, 1:53 pm, EST
  Name: Nancy
  Surnames being researched: Wescott 
Message: I think I've looked at your website in the past. Looking forward to seeing what you've added.
  Date: 7/6/2010, 5:17 pm, EST
  Name: Jack M  McMillin8225
  Surnames being researched: McMillin
  How did you find this site?: Searching Mc Millin,s
Message: Daniel McMillin B N. Ireland 1757 Was in all the maj battler under GW1776 own is my ggg gfather I have alot of history
  Date: 6/9/2010, 7:56 pm, EST
  Name: Colleen Butler
  Surnames being researched: Butler, Clark, Hale, Arnold, and several others
  How did you find this site?: web search
Message: Just discovered that I'm descended from Gov. Benedict Arnold of Rhode Island, who was married to Demaris Westcott, eldest daughter of Stukley Westcott. I guess we're related, albeit about a gadzillion times removed!
  Date: 5/1/2010, 9:45 am, EST
  Name: Marilyn Mead
  Surnames being researched: Colby
  How did you find this site?: Internet under Nathan/Inglalls connection
Message: Burr Colby connection - parents David Colby & Julia MartinParents to David were Samuel Colby & Eliza DouglasParents to Samuel were Ephraim & Lydia TuckerParents to Ephraim were Ephraim & Mary MerrillParents to Ephraim Zaccheus Colby & Mary EastmanParents to Zaccheus were Jaccob and Hannah HuntParnets to Jocob was Thomas & Hannah RowellParents to Thomas was Anthony Colby & Susannah Just to simply show the connection for you to know if we are related. I am trying to connect to the Ingalls family as I was told we were as a teenager by Burr Colby my grandfather. I believe it goes back to Matthew Colby connecting there. If you could show any light on this connection, I would so appreciate that. For about 78 years the Colby family met once a year for a reunion. I have a lot of information from the Ephraim & Lydia forward and want to go back to connect the Ingalls. I so appreciate seeing your family tree on line and finally it is a free sight. Hope you can help me out. Warm Wishes Marilyn Mead
  Date: 4/24/2010, 8:46 pm, EST
  Name: Simon L. Webb
  Surnames being researched: Webb
  How did you find this site?: "My Webb Family"
Message: Francis Marion Webb (1840-1920) was my great grandfather. Does his name ring a bell?His father was John Webb m. Elizabeth "Betsy" Mayfield.
  Date: 4/20/2010, 3:49 pm, EST
  Name: William Pearson
  Surnames being researched: Webb
  How did you find this site?: By accident
Message: Am researching all Sheriff's in Cumberland County Maine from 1760 to present. Isaiah Webb was Sheriff from 1888-1890. Only info I have is he was born in N. Bridgton, Maine 20 Jun 1852 and died 30 Mar 1905. He married Josephine Harriet Knapp who was born 2 Dec 1859 in South Bridgton, Maine. The had one child.

This info is for Cumberland County's 250th anniversary celebrations. Any info or suggestions greatly appreciated.

Bill Pearson

  Date: 3/26/2010, 5:58 pm, EST
  Name: Thomas Anderson
Message: Great site. Sorry that I have no link to the wescott family.
  Date: 3/26/2010, 2:59 pm, EST
  Name: Maryellen Westcott
  How did you find this site?: family
Message: I am the daughter of Zephren Westcott. My fathers family lived in Minnesota. I am deaf and could only communicate through emails.
  Date: 3/26/2010, 2:49 pm, EST
  Name: Domonique Venturino
  Surnames being researched: Westcott
  How did you find this site?: My sister
Message: Its great to see the Heritage of the Westcotts. My Mothers father was Zephren Emanuel Alocious Westcott married to Angelus Woods. They had three daughters Patricia, Jaqueline, and Maryellen. My Grandfather passed away. he was the only member of his family to move out of Minnesota at the time. He came to NY after his marriage. He was a sweet spiritual man and my grandmother loved him dearly... We have never been in contact with his family. He said he a small percentage of American Indian and the rest was French, Canadian. I will go look at my cousins update on Ancestory . com. It would be great to hold a family reunion in Minnesota... nice job Bill
  Date: 2/24/2010, 7:55 pm, EST
  Name: Aaron Westcott
  Surnames being researched: Westcott
Message: I was wondering if you have any info on Stuckley's brother Richard as he is my direct line?