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  Date: 12/13/2008, 11:51 am, EDT
  Name: Alan Mann
Message: Grew up in Gorham, Maine. Living in North Carolina now. Get back to Maine several times a year. Have been researching our families for years and have 30 years of research collectively by my father, grandmother, and uncle. Margaret Meserve, who married William Wescott, is descended from Clement Meserve, as am I. My mother's maiden name was Meserve and we have them traced back 20 some odd generations. back to Gregoire Meserve (1500-1554). Have lots of intertwined families in Southern Maine: Libby, Bailey, Harmon, McKenney, Skillings, Greene, Lombard, Ridlon, Larrabee, Mann, Jordan, Brackett, etc.
  Date: 11/28/2008, 4:23 am, EDT
  Name: alyshea marie mcauley
  Surnames being researched: mcauley
  How did you find this site?: i googled myself alyshea marie mcauley
Message: wooho im on google hehe
  Date: 11/2/2008, 5:15 am, EDT
  Name: r Kennedy
  Surnames being researched: Allen, Barton, Batchelor,Bentley, Bray,
                              Burch, Carter, Collins,
  How did you find this site?: Just surfed in
Message: Australian, Irish, Scottish and English Genealogy Direct line Ancestors: of Irish, Scottish and English, descent. Allen, Barton, Batchelor,Bentley, Bray, Burch, Carter, Collins, Cooper Cripps,, Curran, Donnelly, Featom, Ferguson, French, Frost, Gladdish,Hodsoll, Housden Huggins, Hynds Jarman, Kanneney (Sic), Kennedy, Kinnefeck, Lake, Lee, McGregor, McLean, Noud, Randal, Rayner, Thurley, Standford , Sullivan, Talbot, Walters
  Date: 10/18/2008, 2:46 am, EDT
  Name: Ken Youngkrantz
  How did you find this site?: surfing
Message: Hi, I am a nephew of Arvid Youngkrantz. My dad was Carl Youngkrantz, who lived in Lake Lillian Minnesota. I currently live in Bakersfield California. Very nice website.
  Date: 10/17/2008, 6:42 pm, EDT
  Name: Janice
  Surnames being researched: Milton, LaChance, Bullard, Bradt/Elliott,
  How did you find this site?: just surfing
Message: Searching mostly in central NYS area.
  Date: 10/8/2008, 11:47 am, EDT
  Name: Donna Snow
  Surnames being researched: Elsmore, Allen, Hill, Lovejoy, Stillson,
                               McDonald, Wagg
  How did you find this site?: Browsing
Message: I am an Elsmore Descendant, I know they are connected to Alden of the Mayflower, but have not found the connection... Also looking for information on the Wagg family of the Pejepscot grant in Auburn area of Maine. these and others are family names in my maternal Grt grandmothers Hill/Allen families of Maine ... Descendants of Allerton, Winslow, Hopkins and others of the Mayflower. I found numerous names that correspond to my familiies lilnes that I have been working on for over 20 years... Always great to find new familly connections. Good website... thanks for your effort... regards, Donna
  Date: 9/8/2008, 7:40 pm, EDT
  Name: Linda Eastman
  Surnames being researched: Wescott
Message: Great information offered to those searching for the Maine Wescott connection. My common ancesters would be Daniel (1620-1702) and Richard ( 1660-1724). I'd like to communicate with anyone searching these two Wescotts as well as Andrew Wescott ( 1706-1767) and William Wescott ( 1734-1792).
  Date: 7/12/2008, 8:01 am, EDT
  Surnames being researched: YAHA
  How did you find this site?: WEB
  Date: 5/3/2008, 5:49 pm, EDT
  Name: Jessica Mays
  How did you find this site?: internet browsing
Message: I was just checking out your site. I'm trying to find my family tree. Though I'm not one of yours, your site really helps me to verify that. Thank you for your wonderful site.
  Date: 4/19/2008, 6:52 am, EDT
  Name: deborah beckner
  Surnames being researched: montez, maynard
Message: Looking for Karen Jo Montez her email is not working. She was from WBS Genealogy chat. Her old email was:
  Date: 4/16/2008, 4:25 pm, EDT
  Name: Allan G Westcott
  Surnames being researched: George Merton Westcott
Message: I'm looking for ancestory history about my father George Merton Westcott. Born in Portland MA about 1907 - 1911. He had 2 sons Rudolf and Allan and a daughter Dorethia all born in NYC. Looking for whereabouts of son Rudolph and anticedants of my father. Allan G Westcott, Charlotte NC - Formerly a NY State resident.
  Date: 3/25/2008, 10:48 pm, EDT
  Name: Maizie
  Surnames being researched: Wescott
  How did you find this site?: By typing my birthname
Message: I am Maizie Jo Wescott Daughter of Regina Darline Wescott, Daughter of Viola Waite And Joseph Wescott, I am not certain if I am doing this thing right or not but I'd like to know if by some twist of fate or another if we all may be related? My grandfather Joseph Wescott was my whole world and I have no pictures of him . My mother does but I live clear across the country from her .If you find you have information that might help me please contact me through my above email. Thank you !
  Date: 3/9/2008, 9:20 am, EDT
  Name: Patricia Corey
  Surnames being researched: Wescott
  How did you find this site?: just checking various sites
Message: Hi Wescott relatives. I'm involued in a DNA project linking maternal grandmothers. Seek information on the wife of Samuel Wescott Jr. born in 1776. His daughter was Hannah born in 1805. Can find no list of his family or wife's name. Census records only show location (Brooksville, Me. area) and sex and ages of family members. Staff at the Brooksville Library and Hist. Society have checked all records to find this family too. I've been searching old newspapers recently. This family seems to have dropped off the end of the earth. HELP. Pat Corey
  Date: 3/6/2008, 8:31 pm, EDT
  Name: Loretta Marie Wescott
  Surnames being researched: Wescott
  How did you find this site?: Google"Wescott"
Message: I am Wondering about my family History and relatives, If you could tell me more it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Loretta
  Date: 3/5/2008, 10:58 am, EDT
  Name: Tammy L Wescott
  Surnames being researched: Wescott
  How did you find this site?: google "Wescott"
Message: I am from USA Vermont. Just looking up info about Wescott's.
  Date: 2/27/2008, 3:10 pm, EDT
  Name: Betty Forbes
  Surnames being researched: Wescott, Houser
Message: Almeda Viola Wescott was my husband's grandmother. I know a lot about her very sad life, and even have a picture of her. Would love to share information about this family. I have been researching them for several years.
  Date: 2/22/2008, 10:18 am, EDT
  Name: Stephanie Burrows
  Surnames being researched: Burrows, Laventure, Wescott
  How did you find this site?: Google search for Zelphia Wescott Laventure
Message: According to shared data from a relative I've recently discovered, I am a descendant of Zelphia Wescott as follows:
Descendants of Enoch Burrows
Generation No. 1
1. ENOCH3 BURROWS (GEORGE BENSON2, WILLIAM1) was born 15 Mar 1831 in Pennsylvania, USA, and died 25 Mar 1878 in St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. He married MARY ANN LAVENTURE 27 Feb 1859 in St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, daughter of DRAYTON LAVENTURE and ZELPHIA WESCOTT. She was born 20 Mar 1840 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, and died 22 May 1905 in St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
Notes for ENOCH BURROWS: Marriage record found in St. Louis City Hall marriage archives, volume 9, page 477.
Please contact me if for more information.
  Date: 1/21/2008, 11:31 am, EDT
  Name: Arthur L. Wescoat
  How did you find this site?: Searching coins
Message: I claim this same ancestry.
  Date: 1/6/2008, 3:11 pm, EDT
  Name: John T Wescott
  Date: 1/4/2008, 6:01 pm, EDT
  Name: Lawrence Wescott
  Surnames being researched: Westcott
  How did you find this site?: Stukely Westcott web site
Message: The family bible shows Salem P. Westcott and Clinton A. Westcott both born in New York (father and son). Having trouble varifing the parents of Salem. Think I know but would like better information, I show Gardnier Westcott then Gordon Westcott. My Information shows direct decendant to Stukely Westcott. Thanks for any Information
Larry Wescott