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    Visitor: Linda (Larson) Lind
  Reference: Google
   Location: Rush City Minnesote
       Date: Wed, Dec 29, 2004 at 21:01:28 (EST)
Comments: Searched for my mother - Ruby (Youngkrantz)Larson Sister of Arvid, George, Henry, Al, Karl Youngkrantz Sister of Edna, Ann and Edna My nee was Larson now Lind Interested in knowing how we are related. We have come from a very wonderful, unique bunch of people. Many memories of all of the
    Visitor: jeanhobson/wescott
   Location: Uxbridge England
       Date: Sun, Oct 03, 2004 at 06:22:59 (EDT)
Comments: Hi there! from an English Wescott. There do not appear to be many of us about. My family came from Dorchester Dorset and I have read your homepage with great interest. My Grandfather was Thomas Wescott but as far as I can see this is where the connection ends. Unfortunately I have not progressed so far with this side of the family and have much more success with maternal side of family. I was born in 1925 and have been researching for the past 30 years.
    Visitor: Scott Alan Westcott
  Reference: Web Search
   Location: Pittsburgh, Pa/Scranton, Pa
       Date: Thurs, Sep 23, 2004 at 12:38:53 (EDT)
Comments: I am just starting to search my family's history,,, I have been told that we are direct descendants from Stuckley Westcott of Rhode Island.... I am just starting and seeing where my search takes me... Scott Alan Westcott, j.d., m.b.a.
    Visitor: Fri Green
  Reference: looked up Westcott
   Location: Denver, Colorado
       Date: Fri, Sep 17, 2004 at 17:52:14 (EDT)
Comments: Don't have a homepage. Am looking for any information on my great grandfather Lett Westcott. He was married to Mary. They lived toward the end of their lives in Gillett, WI. Know he had a brother named Dane Westcott. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Great website you have.
    Visitor: Bridgette Cundell
  Reference: searing the net
   Location: South Africa 
       Date: Wed, Sep 15, 2004 at 12:30:32 (EDT)
Comments: I was looking up the Cundell family tree - do you have any information?
    Visitor: Susan Green Peek
  Reference: web
   Location: Georgia
       Date: Sun, Aug 15, 2004 at 19:12:27 (EDT)
Comments: Would like to find out more about putting together a webpage. Were do I go to find out what I need to do? My families that I research are Green, Busha, Elrod, Wilson,Shelton, Peek and Lipford.
    Visitor: Linda Eastman
   Location: South Portland, Maine
       Date: Thurs, Aug 12, 2004 at 23:09:34 (EDT)
Comments: What a great resource! Thank you. I've been researching the Wescott family for quite some time. I'd like to connect with others who are seeking information on the Wescotts who were in the Penobscot area in the late 1700's.
    Visitor: Glenda Lather
  Reference: Research on the Internet
   Location: Ontario, Canada
       Date: Tuesday, Aug 10, 2004 at 20:04:37 (EDT)
Comments: I am researching the Gilbert Merritt-Lucy Westcott family. Lucy was the daughter of Thomas Westcott and Chloe Carpenter. We believe one of Gilbert & Lucy's children was Mary. She was my g-g-Grandmother. Seven of their children are listed but not Mary. Yet it is reported that they had a family of eight. While research the Nova Scotia area I came across the Rebecca Brown site for the Westcotts. What a great site. I believe my Lucy Westcott is possibly one of Stukely's descendants. If you have any info on Lucy's family which mentions a child named Mary, I would appreciate hearing from you. Really admire your site and that of your sister. Glenda
    Visitor: Elroy Heath
  Reference: Yahoo search
   Location: Deltona, FL
       Date: Sun, Jul 11, 2004 at 11:40:54 (EDT)
Comments: Found thru your research that Timothy Day is both my wife's and my 7th GGrandfather. Mine thru the Day line and her's thru the DeCoster line. It probably true, all New Englander's are related!! Thanks for your info.
    Visitor: Kalevi Aho
  Reference: From google
   Location: Finland, Espoo
       Date: Sat, Jul 10, 2004 at 15:09:37 (EDT)
Comments: Greetings from Finland!
    Visitor: Dave Rishoff
  Reference: google search
   Location: California
       Date: Sat, Jul 03, 2004 at 17:07:40 (EDT)
Comments: I'm trying to research information on the Webb name. An Emma Webb and address was 11 Ohio St. Bangor Maine. Also a H Webb that may have been another family member. Any leads are appreciated.
    Visitor: Angie Meservy
  Reference: just browsing/ not really sure
   Location: Lawton, Oklahoma
       Date: Sat, Jul 03, 2004 at 03:23:59 (EDT)
Comments: I am new to researching my ancestors and am amazed and completely blown away by the amount of work you have done here. This site is incredible and I would like to say thanks to you for all of your efforts and putting it all together!
    Visitor: Charlene Ungstad
  Reference: search engine
   Location: CA
       Date: Tuesday, Jun 29, 2004 at 02:08:37 (EDT)
Comments: I looked up Wescott because there are some tintypes up on ebay with the names Wealtha Rose Wescott, Frederick H., Joseph R., and Harvey Wescott,which have a few days left to go. They are out of an estate in Binghamton NY. People sell whole family albums from the Civil War through the 1920s or 30s for collectors, and it struck me their relatives or descendants might be interested. What a waste if they go to someone for hobby or decorative use. I just thought you might know NY Wescotts who'd be interested. Although these were sold by their descendants, some Wescotts interested in genealogy might want them. Thanks
    Visitor: Samantha Westcott
  Reference: searching my name
   Location: Wales
       Date: Fri, Jun 11, 2004 at 18:00:49 (EDT)
Comments: No comment at this time.....
    Visitor: Jason Martin Westcott
  Reference: Google
   Location: England (Residing in Hong Kong)
       Date: Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 02:32:00 (EDT)
Comments: Hi Bill, Interesting reading - and like yourself, I hope someone takes the search further in the UK....Keep up the good work and interesting information. Cheers, Jason.
    Visitor: Asaba Owerri
  Reference: from a friend
   Location: lagos
       Date: Thurs, May 27, 2004 at 04:00:40 (EDT)
Comments: I love this page
    Visitor: Laura Campbell Clark
  Reference: Roaming around
   Location: Illinois/Ohio/Indiana/Florida
       Date: Tuesday, May 18, 2004 at 12:23:06 (EDT)
Comments: Mary A. ANDERSON m. Hamilton CAMPBELL 10/5/1852 in Charloe , Paulding county OHIO and had 7 Campbell children between 1853 & 1870 Levina ( SAM ) MOREHEAD , ( CHARLES ) BERLIN,Lucinda A CRAFT( Frank CRAFT ), Joseph H.Campbell ( JULIA McKEVITT ), William G.Campbell ( FANNY ), Samuel J.Campbell, Rebekah Lane Campbell, George Washington Campbell) Hamilton Campbell died in 1872 and MARY A.ANDERSON possibly had 2 brothers ( James & Samuel one of which was in Neligh NEBRASKA in 1895 ) she re- married to a CHARLES WILSON & again to a CALVIN MAPLES each marraige lasted about 10 yrs. due to deaths of her husbands , but I know she was a Maples by 1895 according to a letter I have from her brother James, We are looking for the CRAFT / MOREHEAD / CAMPBELL /WILSON /MAPLES /McKEVITT/SCHINDLER names of this family , we found the BERLINS and are working together on this project to find all we can , we think the key will lye in the WILSON/ MAPLES family bibles somewhere around or originating from OHIO or maybe even CHICAGO if anyone finds anything contact or
    Visitor: Harding Wescott, III
  Reference: Luck man!!!!
   Location: Columbia, MD family form Nassawadox, VA
       Date: Fri, May 07, 2004 at 17:17:10 (EDT)
Comments: Man am I glad I found this site! My family on my dads side have been trying to find out where we came from for a long, long, long time. Just recently my dad and myself found out that the Wescott's split up and some went to Maine and some stayed on the eastern shore of Virginia. All I am looking for is a real copy of the family crest or coat of arms because I have one and im not sure if it is real. But, my dad would love to talk about the actual family. Thanks Harding
    Visitor: Marna Walker
  Reference: yahoo
   Location: illinois
       Date: Thurs, May 06, 2004 at 16:56:16 (EDT)
Comments: Looking for info on Lydia Wescott. She married John Jones both from Scarborough, Maine. They had a daughter Mary Jane Jones who married James Wiley Davis of Standish Maine.
    Visitor: Marilynn Ruth
  Reference: Searching
   Location: PA
       Date: Sat, May 01, 2004 at 21:55:39 (EDT)
Comments: Looking for info on Eve (Eva) Walker: parents are George and Elizabeth (Shaul) Fissel. Eva married Henry Fissel, Fishel, Fischel, Fischell. Eva was born 1792, died 1870 and she married Henry Fissel. Any info that you may have on her, expecially her and Henry's children, and when married and where. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    Visitor: A. Reitan
  Reference: Google
   Location: Fri Harbor, WA
       Date: Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 02:52:02 (EDT)
Comments: Hey- ran Reitan on google and it brought me here. There's a whole family of us in my town and I'm curious to know our roots. I see another Reitan on here from Norway...don't know how common it is, but I am supposedly predominately Norwegian. I'm interested in anything you can tell me.
    Visitor: Dr. Frederick C. Marland
  Reference: Google
   Location: Darien, GA born in Andover, MA
       Date: Sun, Apr 25, 2004 at 22:24:19 (EDT)
Comments: Dear Mr. Wescott: Have large file of different Marland families in US and Lancashire, England. I would be very interested in any Marland's you might lead me to. I have seen your surname as descendants of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello, VA. Are you related. I have a book with their names. Fred Marland
    Visitor: David Stark (cousin of Como Pontliana)
  Reference: From Barbara Jean Wescott Pontliana webpage
   Location: Park Ridge, IL (northwest suburb of Chicago)
       Date: Tuesday, Apr 06, 2004 at 00:30:00 (EDT)
Comments: I am trying to reach Como Pontliana, my only surviving cousin on my father's side. My father pasted away, am I want to tell Como. I tried to contact him using the last phone number I had, but was connnected to a couple that did not know Como. I contacted the restaurant when he was manager, but they told me he left, they hear he was separated from his new wife, and did not have any forwarding information on Como. the number they had was the same old number I had. I know this is a long shot, but any information you may have on Como's whereabouts would be appreciated.
    Visitor: Martin James Westcott
  Reference: Google
   Location: Devon England
       Date: Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 22:43:39 (EST)
Comments: Hi there Bill, my name's Martin Westcott, I am from Devon, England from a little town called Tiverton. Did you know that about 20 miles down the road there is a village named after us?! It's near Cullompton. Anyway, My father Johnathon and we are looking for our true coat of arms, just wondered if you could help us! If we can help you in any way we would be delighted! As you can see from my email address I'm in oz at the mo on a working hol, but all the family are back home! as we say in Devon Catch 'e next time boy!
    Visitor: Sally Jones
  Reference: Surfing
   Location: Llandudno
       Date: Fri, Mar 26, 2004 at 07:31:12 (EST)
Comments: I am researching the Basson/Baston family tree mainly situated in Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire. Kelmscott are and all along the Thames - the family were lock keepers on the Thames for several generations and at numerous locks. Any help appreciated.
    Visitor: William P. Schminder
  Reference: Google
   Location: Ashtabula Ohio
       Date: Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 15:38:29 (EST)
Comments: I'm looking for any relatives of mine. Catherine Ann Schminder was my aunt. The last time I seen her was before my father William A. Schminder died in 1991. I did not know my fathers family well at all do to the distance we lived from them. I am 48 years old and do not know My fathers family and history. I would love to know where they were from ETC. I am very interested in any information that anyone can send me. I would be so honered to be able to meet any relatives still alive. Finding my aunts grave was wonderful. Thank You. I hope this letter brings me information I long to hear. I'd love to meet my cousins and or their children. William (Bill) P. Schminder
    Visitor: Ellen Demers 
  Reference: surfing online
   Location: Arlington, Massachusetts 
    Contact: ellendemers @hotmail. com 
       Date: Sun, Mar 21, 2004 at 17:58:16 (EST)
Comments: I don't have a homepage. I am researching the Floods and McCormicks of Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland. My grandmother who died in 1925 was Ellen Flood. Her parents were John Flood and Anne McCormick. I am looking for relatives. I'm just starting my Irish research.
    Visitor: Deb Fitts
   Location: Lyman, ME
       Date: Sat, Mar 20, 2004 at 13:21:46 (EST)
Comments: ran google for Wescott and got you. Am descentdent from Wescotts of Gorham. Peter Wm (my grandfather) m. Annie Belle Colesworthy; his father orin married Margaret Paine, his father Reuben marreid Abigail Dam; his father William married Margaret Meserve. any connection to you, any info you can give me. have heard story re: Post Wescott as being in my heritage. thanks Deb
    Visitor: Kimberly Anderle-Abma
  Reference: Google search
   Location: Romeoville, IL
       Date: Mon, Mar 15, 2004 at 23:50:27 (EST)
Comments: Researching Westcotts who came from New York to IL sometime between 1850 and 1860. My great great grandfather, Milton S. Westcott, served in the civil war in 2 seperate IL regiments. Doesn't appear we are related...yet...but great web site!
  Reference: FROM A FRIEND
   Location: ABA,NAIJA
       Date: Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 14:25:49 (EST)
    Visitor: Jean Moore
  Reference: surfing for Wescott name
   Location: Ontario, Canada
       Date: Sat, Mar 06, 2004 at 00:37:10 (EST)
Comments: My maternal grandfather was Walter Wescott. Do not know very much about him but would welcome any info anyone could share. Will share what little bit I do have. Thanks.
    Visitor: P. Wescoat
  Reference: Cousin told me about your site
   Location: Lexington, NE
       Date: Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 19:16:51 (EST)
Comments: I have really enjoyed checking out your site to see if I could get information on my family. There is alot of useful information on here. Thanks.
    Visitor: André Reitan
  Reference: Surfing the web
   Location: Norway
       Date: Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 17:48:37 (EST)
Comments: Was just searshing on Reitan on the web, and popped in to se if there was any link to some of my ancenstors.
    Visitor: Bill Wescott
       Date: Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 20:58:55 (EST)
Comments: No comment at this time.....
    Visitor: Sherry Lynn (Wescoat) Thaden 
  Reference: Web Search 
   Location: Lexington, Nebraska 
       Date: Wed, Feb 25, 2004 at 13:36:36 (EST)
Comments: I was searching for information on the Wescoat and in my family tree maker I got back to Stukely Westcott and today searching on internet and I find this. If I can help you please let me know . I would like more information if I can find it.
    Visitor: Christine Lewis
  Reference: Surfing the web
   Location: Indiana
       Date: Thurs, Jan 15, 2004 at 20:35:36 (EST)
Comments: I'm doing my family tree. I really don't no much on my grandmother only she was Helen Webb and she married a Filmore Carder in Kentucky. Her fathers name was James Webb he married a Jemima Kingsley. Helen was born about 12/01/1887 in Metcalfe County, Kentucky. If you no anything else it would sure help. Cause they all died when I was a babt my dad also. My mother didn't no much about his family when he died.
    Visitor: Joyce Wiggin-Robbins
  Reference: surfed
   Location: NH
       Date: Sun, Jan 11, 2004 at 19:04:38 (EST)
Comments: Searching for Josiah Wescott who married Mary Hoyt. Josiah died 12 Apr 1822 Long Creek, Cape Elizabeth, ME. Issue: Elizabeth b. 20 May 1774 (My LINE:she married Wm. Babb in 1793); Richard b. 28 Sep 1761; Anna b. 08 May 1765; Mary b. 31 Dec 1768; Letes b. 31 December 1768; Hannah b. 01 May 1770; Lydia b. April 1772; Josiah b. 07 Mar 1776; Joseph b. 16 May 1778; Elet b. 07 March 1781; and Peggy b. 19 May 1784. CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHO JOSIAH WAS? OR MARY HOYT HIS WIFE? THANK YOU. LOVE THIS SITE.