Libby Genealogical Information

Genealogical and Family History
of the
State of Maine

George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.
Volume IV
Lewis Historical Publishing Company
New York


(III) Daniel, fifth of the seven sons of John (2) and Agnes Libby, was born in Scarborough, probably about 1678, and died a young man, shortly before June 12, 1712. He was a carpenter and dwelt in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He married Elizabeth Kirke, a sister of his brother John's wife. She married (second), November 10, 1724, Daniel Meder, "a friend," and died before October, 1735 Their four children were: Daniel, William, Abigail and Samuel.

(IV) William, second son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Kirke) Libby, born Portsmouth, New Hampshire, about 1702, died in 1752. In 1727 or 1728 he removed from Berwick, Maine, to Scarborough, and thence seven years later to Falmouth, where he settled on the Presumpscot river. He married, October 29, 1725, Elizabeth Goodwin, daughter of William and Deliverance (Taylor) Goodwin, of Berwick, who survived him. Their children were: Lydia, Abigail, Joseph, Samuel and Daniel.

(V) Joseph, eldest son of William and Elizabeth (Goodwin) Libby, born Scarborough, March 24, 1732, died February 5, 1801. He grew up in Falmouth, and about 1760 removed to Gorham. After residing for a time on Queen street, he bought the water privilege and mill at Horse Beef Falls, and there operated a sawmill. He married (first), January 7, 1758, Mary Huston; (second), April 4, 1782, Hannah Hanson, of Windham. She outlived her husband some years. Mary (Huston) Libby left seven children: Dorcas, Mary, John, William, Sarah, Charlotte and Joseph. One child, Mary, was born of Hannah (Hanson) Libby.

(VI) Joseph (2), third son of Joseph (1) and Mary (Huston) Libby, born Gorham, Maine, June 13, 1780, died at the residence of his son Daniel, April 2, 1843. He was a house carpenter and farmer. He lived at first on a five-acre lot on which the house of Lewis Brockett now stands, and afterward settled on a farm in North Gorham. He married. June 24, 1801, Mercy Whitney, daughter of Joseph and Mehitable (Stevens) Whitney, of Gorham. She died at the residence of her son Edmund in Portland, May 22, 1860. She was a revolutionary war prisoner. The children of this union were: Roxanna, Harriet, Stephen, Ansel, Edmund, William and Daniel.

(VII) Stephen, eldest son of Joseph (2) and Mercy (Whitney) Libby, born Gorham, May 27, 1810, died July 4, 1882. He was a shoemaker, but always lived on a farm. About a year before his marriage, he bought of Joseph Haskell the farm on which he ever afterward lived. He married, December 13, 1831, Mary W. Lowe, daughter of Nicholas and Lovey (Leighton) Lowe. Children: 1. Juliette E., single. 2. Adrianna, married Daniel C. Mellows, of Farmington; child: Fred B., died aged twenty years. 3. King Wilson, married Katherine Meserve (Brackett); no children. 4. Hattie A., married Charles L. McAllister (see McAllister II). 5. Winfield Scott, married Isora Hamblin; children: Edwin, Fred, Lottie.

Mary W. Lowe was a member of a family of colonial origin. Stephen and Elizabeth (Woodbury) Lowe were residents of Cape Ann, Massachusetts, where they died. Nicholas, son of Stephen and Elizabeth (Woodbury) Lowe, was born at Cape Ann, was a seafaring man in his early days, and after leaving the sea immigrated from Cape Ann to Maine and became an early settler in North Yarmouth. Later he removed to Gray, where he engaged in agricultural pursuits, residing there until his death, which occurred when he was eighty years of age.

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