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My enthusiasm with my Family roots started shortly after my sister, Ann published her "First Edition" of "Wescotts Andersons BillHilbacks Walkers --- American Families". Much of what my sister said in her Forward holds true for me and I know that if it was not for her I would have never even thought about my "Roots". Much of the information contained in these pages came from her work and for that I am forever greatful.

Here are some excerpts from my sisters "First Edition" Forward:

This project started harmlessly enough. On a quiet Tuesday afternoon in July, 1983, while visiting relatives in Portland, Maine, We decided to take a drive up to Gorham. Gorham is a Short half hour north of Portland and is the town that the "oral history" of our family named as the town that the Wescott's left when they came to Minnesota. What harm could a quick trip up there do? Maybe find out a little bit more about our ancestors? Maybe waste an afternoon? That quick trip has turned curiosity about our families into an addiction called genealogy.

This is a "first edition". I have a lead on more information for the Egeness', the Hilback's, and the Reitan's. But it's time to make good on a Christmas promise for 1985 in 1986 and publish what I have now with a promise of more to come. Currently there are four sections: Wescott, Anderson (Egeness), Hilback, and Walker, based on my four grandparents. As the family information grows, I will add sections. Future editions will hopefully add Hale, Leiter, Cockbain, Burke, Carey, and Reitan sections. Before I go any further, I want to thank those people who have helped to get me this far --- Lester and Mavis Egeness who had done so much on the Egeness in Minnesota --- my Great Aunt Mary Ann Wescott Youngkrantz who cared enough to rescue the Cockbain family Bible from the trash heap and who as a child growing up in Farmington listened to tales of the Wescott family --- Helen Burke who has assembled much of the information on the Burkes and Careys --- Elizabeth Carroll Wescott a cousin 9 or 10 generations removed who shared Maine information. Most of all, I must thank my mother Helen Hilback Wescott. Many late nights talking as I grew up had left me with a mental outline of my family. I grew up knowing about an attic full of postcards, photos, clippings, and family records. And now, as I've pursued more stories of our family she's been responsible for more late nights. For the understanding I've gained, and the sleep I've lost --- thanks are not enough, this has been a labor of love.

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