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John Cockbain John Cockbain

Born March 1, 1830; Keswich, Cumberland England
Married Ann Nicholson on June 2, 1855 Old Park Isle England; Lorton Church
Died October 25, 1883; Vermillion, MN; Dakota County

John Cockbain Memorial John Cockbain Memorial

We have included John Cockbain in this discussion of the Wescott's in pre-state hood Minnesota for a couple of reasons. First he was there, arriving as early as 1855. His wife, Ann Nicholson, worked as a cook at Westcott station which probably introduced their daughters to the Wescott family. She brought home the used coffee grounds to reuse for their own coffee. The Cockbain' s eventually became related to the Wescott's ---all three of their daughters helped. His middle daughter, Jane, married Wells L. and Amanda's son, Wells Hale. After her death, following the birth of their son, he married Cockbain's oldest daughter Mary Ann (our direct descendant). Wells L.'s daughter Clara married Virgil Thomas, and their oldest son married Cockbain's youngest daughter Ellen (Nena). As a result the Cockbain's had both grandchildren and great grandchildren from the children of Wells L. and Amanda Hale.

From The History of Dakota County

"John Cockbain was born in Cumberland county, England, in 1830. At the age of twelve years he began working for himself, and in 1855, came to America. The same year he came to Hastings and assisted in building a house for Mr. Tripp, one of the oldest settlers there. He and his brother [Clark] then purchased one hundred and sixty acres in Rosemount in partnership, but owing to a dispute which arose between them, John withdrew. He then took a claim near the depot at Rosemount; in consequence of sickness and straightened finances he was unable to retain it. Once more he commenced, and on a very small scale, having one-fourth of an acre with three acres of timber land, and in 1857, built a house 16 x 20. After this he worked for different parties, and finally purchased seventy-eight acres in Vermillion, to which he moved in 1864. Has prospered and added to his original farm. Married, in 1855, Miss Ann Nichollsen (sic), a native of England. Mary A., Jane E. and Ellen N. are their children."

In about 1880 John Cockbairn (sic) was treasurer for school district number 89 that was located in the southwest quarter of section 14, Vermillion.

John's brother, Clark owned property with him in Rosemont. According to Mary Ann Youngkrantz it's located on Highway 3, where the stop signs are, the four corners were the pieces they owned in 1855. Says Mary Ann, "Clark must of been a bit of a little rascal. They were going to lose that property so John bought some timber out toward Ninninger where my mom (Mary Ann Cockbain Wescott) was born and raised. Clark didn't marry, I don't know what happened to him."

Ann Nicholson Cockbain Ann Nicholson Cockbain

Born January 1, 1830 (possibly Feb.); Old Park Isle England
Married John Cockbain on June 2, 1855 Old Park Isle England; Lorton Church
Died November 4, 1910; Farmington, MN; Dakota County

Mary Ann Cockbain baby Mary Ann Cockbain 5 years

Mary Ann Cockbain

These pictures are Mary Ann as a baby and at 5 years old.
Born July 31, 1867; Vermillion, MN; Dakota County
Married Wells Hale Wescott on March 12, 1895 ; Hastings, MN; Dakota County
Died July 19, 1954; Farmington, MN; Dakota County

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