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From Antioch News Antioch Illinois; Thursday, September 6, 1900

Written by John J. Burke


Died at his home two miles south of this city, on Friday afternoon, August 31, after a lingering illness of over a year, Anthony Burke, in the 85th year of his age.

With feelings of sorrow, commingled with a prayer of thanksgiving that his trials and his sufferings are over, we pen a brief tribute to the memory of our dearest, our truest and best of friends, our departed father. Anthony Burke was born in the county Tipperary, Ireland, near the historic rock of Chashel, and came from that sturdy Celtic race that done so much in the early days of the present century in the cause of the down trodden and oppressed of that little island washed on all sides by the waters of the Atlantic, poetically spoken of as the emerald Isle of the Sea, and although patriotic and intensely loyal to the land of his adoption, he ever retained a warm place in his heart for the land of his birth. Having seen much of the poverty and lack of opportunity for a man of his ambitious mould, he decided to leave the dear old mother and kindred and sail for America, landing in New York after a tedious voyage on a sailing vessel in the days before seam(sic) had lent its power to aid the wind in crossing the Atlantic, the voyage consuming several weeks. For three years he worked at various vocations, principally upon the farm as a laborer in various parts of York State, and was married to Eliza Carey, at Newburgh, Orange county, New York, in l853, and shortly after came west and settled in the village of Antioch where he remained until the fall of 1861 when he moved to the farm south of town which he owned and occupied until the time of his death. Ten children were born to the union, eight boys and two girls, all of whom with the devoted wife and mother survive, except one girl who died when four years of age and two boys who passed away only a few short years ago. In speaking of our departed father we feel that we but pay a just and loving tribute to his memory in saying of him that a truer and manlier man to his fellow man never lived than he, just and generous to all frank, candid and open in his intercourse he never willfully deceived another or broke a promise when once made.

Of a retiring, home loving disposition, his greatest pleasures were found with his own family around his own fireside, where with his own children and grandchildren he was supremely content and happy. From personal recollection, extending over a period of over forty years, the writer does not believe he spent as much as a month away from his own home in all that period of time, seldom leaving his home even for a day except on business, then returning as soon as his business was completed, this together with the most regular habits and moderation in all things, doubtless prolonged his life to a good old age, much beyond the allotted years of this life. Being industrious and frugal he provided a comfortable home for those dependent upon him, and no one in need of a friend or friendly aid, ever appealed to him in vain. Living a quiet and peaceful life, he neither sought for or received public honors, being content to do his duty in the humble walks of life, leaving to his children the priceless heritage of an honored name, a tender, grateful, loving memory. About 1:30 Friday afternoon, as calm and peaceful as a child going to sleep, tenderly watched over and cared for by his devoted wife, he sank to sleep to awake to immortal life beyond the grave. His remains were laid at rest in the cemetery at Rosecrans Sunday, honored by his old neighbors and friends and revered by his family, who cherish of him loving remembrance. Peace unto thee, my father.

Burke Family Burke Family

Front row L - R
Lillian Walker; Helen Burke (Daughter of ?); Anne Walker (Hilback); Cora Richards Burke; Michael Burke Row 2 L - R
?; ?; Elizabeth (Eliza) Carey Burke; Ellen Mary Burke Walker; Sara (M/)Burke; Peter Burke

Row 3
Mary Ann Burgess Burke

Burke Family Burke Family

1st Row (8 people)
?; ?; ?, ?; ?; Anne Sophia Walker (Hilback); Lillian May (Did) Walker; ? 2nd Row (5 people)
?; ?; ?, Lulu Rose Walker (Washburn); William Leo Walker 3rd Row (4 people)
Elizabeth (Eliza Carey Burke; ?; ?; Fredrick Anthony Walker

The 2 people in the back ground are unknown.

Burke Family Burke Family

Top Row
Right Peter Burke brother of Ellen Burke Walker Middle row (4 people)
2nd right Fredric Walker son of Ellen Burke Walker

Burke Farm, Antiock, Il. Burke Farm House in Antiock, Illinois

Grandma Walker wasraised here

Elizabeth Burke 1917 Elizabeth Burke-1917

Anthony Burke's Boys Anthony Burke's Boys: ?, Charles, ?

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