Original Pasties
Pasties came from Cornwall, England with the settlers to the UP. The wives baked them, wrapped them in newspaper to keep them warm and the mining husbands had them for lunch. They are served with gravy or ketchup.

1 pie crust recipe (see below) divided into 4
Dice: potatoes, onion, carrot or rutabagas, hamburger
     or stew meat
Place 1 cup of vegetable mixture on rolled out crust
     (about 6 inches in diameter)
Salt and pepper to taste
1/4  pound meat per pastie

Pastie pie crust

cups flour
teaspoon salt
teaspoon baking powder
1 2/3
cups lard

Mix until crumbly, then add

beaten egg
Tablespoon vinegar
cup lukewarm water

Add and mix together by hand until it forms a ball and leaves the bowl clean.

Stores well in covered container in refrigerator. Keeps well up to 2 weeks. Remove about 15 minutes before rolling.

Makes 4 pasties Originator: Lucille Ethel Fredrick

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